Tobiano Frequent Asked Questions:

  1. Is there City Bus service to Tobiano? No, there isn’t, as we are not in the Kamloops city limits. This applies to Handy Dart as well.
  2. Is Tobiano within Kamloops city limits? Kamloops city limits end just past the New Gold Mine. Tobiano is in the Thompson Nicola Regional District (TNRD), just past Cherry Creek.
  3. Tobiano Resort Association(TRA) Tobiano had to create a resort community from scratch outside of any city limits and, as such, created the TRA to offer all the necessary services to provide safety to residents. The TRA manages such things as Volunteer Fire Department, sidewalk maintenance, community signage, street cleaning, parks and recreation maintenance for a trail network, and street lighting. As more residents join the community, these common costs should reduce over time. For more information on the TRA and monthly fees, visit
  4. Are there building timeframes on lots? There used to be in the original phase(s) of sales, but there are not any build timeframes now unless the land developer specifically places them on a lot sale.
  5. Are there guidelines for building at Tobiano? Yes, each neighborhood has its own set of design guidelines that spell out the design process and review costs.
  6. Does real estate ownership at Tobiano come with golf course membership or marina access? No, the golf course and marina are privately owned. It is best to check their respective websites for the latest rates.
  7. Is it windy at Tobiano? It can be, but if it’s windy at Tobiano, then it is typically windy all through the Nicola Valley region.
  8. Is there high-speed internet? There is fibre optic running all through Tobiano, but communications are managed by Mascon. It is best to contact Mascon directly to get the latest rates for internet, phone, and TV.
  9. Are there many families that live at Tobiano? Yes, there are, and more coming. There is a bus stop pick up for kids adjacent to the Lake Star development.
  10. What Schools service Tobiano? The bus takes kids to Dufferin Elementary and South Sahali Secondary.
  11. Is the highway maintained from Kamloops to Tobiano? The highway from Kamloops to Tobiano is the Trans Canada Highway #1, this is a main highway for transport trucks and, as such, is a priority in winter for maintenance. 
  12. Who provides water and sewer for Tobiano residents? Tobiano created its own water and sewer utility company and built a water treatment plant and sewer treatment facility to manage the resort’s needs. Corix Utilities operates and maintains the Tobiano Utilities and can be reached at –