Phase 8 is Officially Sold Out!

Phase 8 is now officially sold out, with all of the C1 and C3 plan homes selling for over $640,000K. We are finalizing the Developer’s disclosure statement for Phase 9, so once that is complete, then we can officially release the next four homes. They will consist of 3-C3 plans and 1-C1 plans.

For those interested in a Phase 9 home, if you secure the home soon enough in the construction process, there may be some options for customizing the interior color scheme. Once we have some pre-sales under contract for Phase 9 then, we will likely get started with Phase 10 foundations and then move on to Phase 11.

Once Phase 11 is sold, we move across the street to Phase 12, where we will have 14 of the level entry rancher/walk-out basement plans. There has been a lot of excitement about phase 12, but realistically it is still a couple of years away from being ready for sale. 

Don’t hesitate to contact Andrew directly for additional information or anything related to the Tobiano Resort Development.

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